How Large Do Ball Pythons Get?

Male ball pythons usually grow to be approximately 3-4 feet long (91-122 cm), while female ball pythons regularly grow to be 4-5 feet (122-152 cm). Some ball pythons have been recorded to grow to be just over 6 feet long (183 cm), but this is very uncommon.

Snakes continue to grow throughout their entire lives, so technically speaking, the longer they live, the larger they will get. That being said, once a ball python has reached full maturity, any further growth will be minuscule. In the first few years of a ball python’s life, until it has reached adulthood, a ball python will grow rapidly. Then, once sexual maturity is reached, the ball python’s rate of growth will slow tremendously. Ball pythons usually hit this maturity between ages 2-3, although some reach this stage as early as 18 months of age.

adult royal python