Snake Facts

Articles that relate to facts about snakes in general, or ball pythons in specific. Articles include facts about: ball python length and size, the shedding process of snakes, salmonella in relation to snakes, differences between male and female ball pythons, and normal ball python behaviour.

The Ultimate Ball Python Feeding Troubleshooting Guide

Ball pythons are quite notorious for refusing to eat. In fact, feeding problems are by far the most common amongst ball python owners. More often than not, there is absolutely no problem with the care a ball python owner is giving to their pet. Rather, the ball python simply doesn’t feel like eating at the […]

Do Ball Pythons Sleep?

Ball pythons have no eyelids, so unlike humans and animals that close their eyes while they sleep, it can be difficult to tell when a ball python is really asleep. That being said, ball pythons do sleep, and normally for quite a long time. It’s not unusual for a ball python to sleep for 22 […]

Can I Pet My Ball Python?

Yes, you most certainly can pet your ball python. Snake scales go in one direction, and you should always pet with and not against the grain of their scales. This means that you should be petting in a downward motion from the direction of their head to the direction of their tail. Many, though not […]

On Ball Pythons Losing Teeth

If your ball python has recently lost teeth, don’t worry in the least. Ball pythons frequently lose their teeth when biting, certainly more frequently than one notices, and they do grow back. New teeth are always waiting and ready to come in when old teeth have fallen out. As ball python owners, it’s more obvious […]